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Fistful of Crits

[Tieflings Do It Better Tour] - A4/A5 Print

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Did you know? 90% of Tiefling players are bards? 
We made that up but you had to admit they make pretty good ones (and, for a second, that you believed us) Our Tiefling Ailani enjoys sea shanties and being the absolute centre of attention.

Catch a show at your local tavern today! 

Printed matte, 310 GSM card stock. Comes in a protective bag.

Also available in A5.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Bree Scott-Jones
Amazing art!

Bought this piece from a convention and I love it! The colours are stunning!

Thank you so much! We're so happy you love it!

David Jansen
Excellent product

This product will arrive in your hands like you see it on the site. The quality is excellent, the details sharp and it comes with a plastic protector to keep it scratch free. You can take it out of the plastic if you wish so that is a plus.

We're so happy you liked it David! Thank you for the review! :)