About Us

Fistful of Crits

A small business run by two friends in the North West of the UK.

We love all things TTRPG and wanted to merge our passion for gaming with our careers as designers. We are creating products and resources for games and eventually would like to offer a print and publish service for UK TTRPG creators.


The in-house artist and designer for Crits. Some of her favourite TTRPG games include D&D 5e, Blades in the Dark, Wanderhome by Jay Dragon, The Quiet Year and any interesting indie games she can find on itch.io!


An experienced print and 'accidental' graphic designer who takes Steph's crazy ideas and makes them actually happen. His favourite TTRPG games include ICRPG, Viking Death Squad, D&D 5e, Blades in the Dark and Scum & Villainy.