Frequently Asked Questions


Do you ship worldwide?
Outside of shipping to our native UK we also currently ship to the EU, North America (Canada / USA), and Australia but we ask buyers from these zones to be patient with us if something goes wrong - we will always endeavour to sort something out!

We intent to further expand our shipping areas as quickly as we can.

When do you ship?
As often as we can, but shipping days are currently Mondays and Thursdays. If you need something processing quickly get in touch!  


I have a problem with a product.
Please contact us and we'd be more than happy to help you out. 


Do you offer community copies of your work?
For modules, yes absolutely. Use the contact form to get in touch if you feel a community copy applies. We also plan to populate our free resources page out as time goes on so please check back there! 

What about review copies?
If you would like to receive one or more of our products for free in exchange for a review, we're open to that! Send us an email and we can get chatting. :)

Do you sell on itch.io?
We do! You can find us under Fistful of Crits. (We also sell on etsy)

Would you be open to collaboration?
Absolutely, if we have room in our schedule. Get in touch and we can have a chat.

Can you print my work/module/zine/booklet?
Yep! We print most of our own work at Fistful and do aim to offer this an official service later in the year. Fistful of Ink, the parent company to Crits, has a minimum order of 1. While huge orders aren't in our remit currently, we can certainly have a conversation about cost effective, quick turn around for a sensible order number. Email us an idea of what you would look to get printed and quantity!