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Toe Beans Winter Edition (Physical Edition)

Toe Beans Winter Edition (Physical Edition)

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Toe Beans is a homebrew shop module ideal for 5e D&D, perfect for GMs who want to run something light and fun on the fly. Run by Mara Millhale and his group of cats, Toe Beans specialises in magically infused drinks and elixirs.

The Winter Edition expands on the base game, with a wintery menu, new special blends and a small adventure for players. Mara has gone missing and the cats need help running the café!

The written module contains the following information:
A storyline scenario for Mara and the cats - help the cats run the café with a series of mini games.
Quest Hook ideas for building Toe Beans out in your homebrew setting.
Stat blocks for monster encounters.
New magic items at Binjinn's counter.
A new Wintery Menu.
A new cat joins the fray!

In this physical edition you will get:

  • A 32-Page Module Booklet, folded to look like a menu.
  • x 6 printed Winter Menus for player handouts
  • Mara's Notebook of real life recipe cards, so you can make some of the Toe Beans special drinks in real life! (thanks to @fleet_detrik)
  • A sleeve of 3 of each of the special blend cards we've released digitally through the year: Lavenpurr Latte, Bananyan Shake, Maine Maple and Peppurmint Tea
  • Tea bag label replacement stickers in standard winter branding and Peppurmint Tea

Toe Beans is licensed under the 0GL 1.0a and is not official D&D material.

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