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Fistful of Crits

SECONDS SALE [The Architect] Dungeon Master's Table Notebook

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Due to a shipment of print errors and some scuffing, we are offering our Dungeon Master's Notebook at better than half price! The print error can be seen on the LOCALE page, where 'Heritage and Class' have carried over from the NPC sheets instead of 'Size and Terrain'
Some of the books don't have the print error but have gotten a little scuffed on the cover or have otherwise minimal damage. The Seconds book does not include the protective hard case the full price book comes in.
If you are interested in ordering and want to choose which sort of book is dispatched to you (no scuffing but print error, or no print error but with minor scuffing) let us known in your order notes and we will make sure you get what you need.


If you are a DM and your notes suffer from a lack of existing in the first place, this notebook may be for you. Designed by a DM who is notoriously bad for taking her own notes, this book is structured in a way that any incidental improv or notes you need to take to build on later can be jotted down in a tidy, organised way. 

The pages are 120GSM recycled. 220 pages, soft touch laminate perfect bound. Features the following sections we consider useful for DMs:
Campaign calendar and Events,
World map spread,
Grid paper for quick ref dungeon drafts,
Player Info pages,
NPC sheets,
Magic Items,
Session Notes

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