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Fistful of Crits

Fyre Fall (Digital PDF pack)

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The fading light of Summer ushers in cold winds, warm fires and preparation for the traditional festival of Fyre Fall gets underway. Diviners, Augurs and those Clerics seeking Divine reassurances in these fateful domains gather under the changing patterns of the sky on the night when the stars have been studied to be their most auspicious. Fires are lit, divinations are cast and interpreted, and all gazes turn upwards to the Celestial Dome; the barrier between the physical planes and the realms of the Gods, thinned enough on this chosen night for the stars to fall through.

Fyre Fall is intended to be a modifiable festival setting for 5e D&D games, or as inspiration to adapt for another TTRPG system at play. It includes fantasy styled constellation signs to inspire character creation and prophecy prompts to weave into character or campaign arcs.

Cast your dice onto the included map to divine your character’s futures!

Fyre Fall is SRD compliant using the OGL from Wizards of the Coast and is not official material. 

The written module contains the following information:
The Festival Traditions, 
New Creature: Lunium Bees (and stat block)
Magic Items: Lunium Honey and Star Coals
Phirria, the High Augur NPC
NPC Quest Hooks
12 Star Field Signs based around the elements
Character Creation Options
Mini Game: Performing Divinations for your characters
Example Placements 
OGL License.

In this digital download you will get:

  •  An A5 32 page booklet.
  • A full colour file and  printer friendly (black and white) A3 sized divination mat.

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